Our team is a group of individuals known for upstanding character, outgoing nature and general like-ability, each with their own areas of excellence. Together, we thrive in this industry by creating a masterpiece of your wedding day. The reason we work so well together is because we are family! Jeremy and his wife Laura are the backbone of the business running all the ins and outs of the company. Jeremy’s sister Kim brings 10+ years of experience into the office as our editor and 1st shooter, intertwining the footage of your wedding into the film of your lifetime!

The People Behind the Camera

Kim Freels

Chief of Productions – (Owner, Shooter, Editor)
Nickname: Kimbot

I’m a mom, a board game connoisseur and can make one heck of a milkshake! The first wedding I filmed was my brother’s in 2005, but the first time I picked up a video camera was 10 years before that! I have known video was my passion since I was in junior high school and I have loved perfecting the art of wedding films. I get a genuine pleasure out of creating a lasting keepsake holding the memories of your favorite day. I can’t wait to give you a starring role in your very own wedding film!

Jeremy Mendenhall

Head of Operations – (Owner, Shooter, Marketing)
Nickname: Indy

With all my varied interests, I’ve been called a Renaissance Man more than once.  From crafting a full-sized 34-string harp from scratch,  to obtaining my Masters of Divinity, there have not been many challenges I’ve been unwilling to take on. Being an entrepreneur and philosopher with high ideals, pushing the boundaries of learning has become a way of life.  On a lighter note, I have never lost an food-eating contest, and have been known to implement kung fu moves in my everyday walking. Some say I can make a better milkshake than even Kim. It is a great joy to partner with not only my wife Laura, but my sister Kim as well. I will personally strive to not only meet your needs as a client, but fulfill your dreams with a one of a kind wedding film.

Laura Mendenhall

Master of Administration – (Owner, Shooter, Social Media)
Nickname: Laudie

I’m an artist, a Netflix buff and I home make the best bread from scratch. Being practical at the core, taking on an adventure like Lovestruck Films, gives me an outlet for my creative side. The desire to take each wedding I film and turn it into a new creation never seen before, is a challenge this goal oriented girl welcomes. I can’t wait to show you my passion for creating art.