As a full service cinematography company we provide everything you need to film your event or promote your business. Our standard wedding packages start at $2200 for a Highlight. The different elements that make up our separate packages are explained below:

Our Packages

We offer a variety of packages. Here are our top pre built packages that we have to offer.

A partial-day shoot with a cinematographer dedicated to your wedding party, filmed especially with your Highlight Reel in mind. Suitable for small to medium sized weddings, to add that special zing to your first year together!   $2,200-

  • 1 cinematographer
  • covers the first 6 hours  (add 2 hours — $200)
  • Cinematic highlight film (5 min)
  • 1 custom thumb-drive with custom packaging
  • free online preview included

A full-service package streamlined to fit your needs! Brings a nice balance of making sure all main events are covered from beginning to end, with big creative flare to make your day stands out! Includes Highlight Reel, automatic upgrade on hours, along with all ceremony and reception formalities edited into additional featurettes!

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • two (2) shooters
  • an artistically composed Highlight Film of your day (3-5 min)
  • additional Documentary Featurettes of the days formalities
  • Two custom thumb-drives with custom packaging
  • free online preview included

A full-immersion treatment of your day with a 3-shooter production team at your disposal to make sure you remember the glorious fulness of the day! Along with all formalities edited into additional featurettes, you receive more hours, more shooters, and automatic upgrade from the shorter Highlight Reel, to a 10-12 minute Main Feature Film! Three custom thumbdrives for high definition digital delivery.       

  • 12 hours of coverage
  • Three (3) cinematographers
  • Free automatic upgrade to cinematic main feature included (10-15 min)  — [add an additional Highlight reel for $450]
  • additional Documentary Featurettes off all formalities
  • 3 personalized thumb-drives with upgraded custom packaging
  • free online preview included (add personalized “.com” webpage $200)

A top-tier production event offering red-carpet treatment with the fullest refinement, suitable for making your day truly, the main event!   All upgrades are already included at a huge bundled savings of $900.00!  Covering everything from the Engagement Shoot on till the last Grand Exit, this package offers 4 custom production videos designed to “Wow” for many years to come.  

  • 14 hours of coverage
  • Three (3) shooters
  • TRUE LOVE STORY engagement video shoot (included)
  • an artistically composed highlight film your day (included)
  • Additional cinematic main feature (included)
  • Documentary main feature (included)
  • 4 personalized thumbdrives with upgraded custom packaging (included)
  • 40 Thankyou DVDs for guests (included)
  • Digital negatives/ raw footage (included)
  • Upscale planning-dinner-exclusive with the Lovestruck Team!


These are “the best of the best” moments from your day. This is what you will want to show all your friends and post all over Facebook. Covers the length of one song. Audio clips from the day are limited for emotional impact. Final product is 3-5 minutes of “Wow”!

Documentary Featurettes

These are the full-length edited and color-corrected versions of your ceremony and reception events (ie. processional, cake cutting, bouquet-toss, father’s speech, etc). It will be most appreciated by the couple and close family. Multi-camera angles are edited into a single flowing coverage of the day. No post-production music added to this feature.

Cinematic Main Feature

This is an extended highlight. Artistically blending music and wedding day audios, it covers a lot more of those special moments from both the ceremony and reception events. Designed to display and elevate the gamut of emotions from the day.  Final product is 10-15 minutes of “Awesome” (length varies based on several factors).

True Love Story Engagement Film

This is a planned and directed pre-wedding day shoot telling your story in your own words!  Includes interviews and music, often incorporating footage from multiple locations. It is a separate 2-3 minute film that is added to your final delivery.  This edit is completed prior to the wedding date, so that it may be shown at your reception if you desire.

Aerial Footage

Any of our films might include spectacular views from between 15ft to 300ft elevation above the ground. High definition footage is captured from our remote control quadcopter with state-of-the-art GPS stabilization and a full high-definition on-board camera. These shots are used primarily for what those in the industry call “establishing shots”.  These shots are not intended to become central to your photo-shoot, but when artistically coupled with the full content from the rest of the day, there is no easier way to make sure your end result has that special “wow” that puts it above the rest.  Availability subject to venue guidelines.

Raw Footage

This is the completely unedited clips from straight off the cameras. In addition to all the cool shots we used to make your movie, these may contain a large volume of all the footage from the day, including the out-takes, errors, fauxpas, and generally unusable tidbits. But some people like to keep the whole collection of footage as a security. Lovestruck Films only promises to keep your raw footage and project files for 6 months after final delivery, so having them yourself helps ensure you have your own backup, should you loose destroy your deliverables.


Any of the Cinema-packages that come with a Highlight edit can have the 3 to 5 minute Highlight Film upgraded to a 10-minute Cinematic Main Feature (see above). Excludes the “Highlight Only” package.  It is not only the “best-of-the-best” shots, but creates room for a fuller, more immersive story-telling of your day.   But you don’t have to pick one or the other. You can have both! (see price sheet)

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