Anaheim, Ca — Aerial videography to shoot a wedding.

Okay, so aerial shots elevate any wedding shoot, right?    So I strapped on my pilot’s license and took to the air in Anaheim, CA with our Iris+ by 3DRobotics.       He needed a name–because all team-members need a name.  Ours is C.U.P.I.D.   I think it stands for Camera-Undermounted-Photographer’s-Interactive-Drone (just kidding).   All the young people were positively lovestruck when they saw it!

We decided to keep Cupid’s use to a minimum given the tight venue, but some careful maneuvering around branches and selecting our flight-plan in advance yielded some fun clips to weave into the final product.  If you want to watch the highlight below, Cupid’s work comes in at about 2 minutes.

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