Del Mar, CA — No weather is going to rain on this parade!

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Way to go Ashley and Danny!  A beautiful example of a Del Mar wedding on the Green. –or OFF the Green in this case. Rain unexpectedly moved the ceremony indoors, but that didn’t stop the Bride from shining….!   We changed gears, grabbed some shots in between the slow-moving silver-lined clouds, and the whole thing went off with out hitch.   Two thumbs up to the folks at Morgan Run Resort and Golf Course for quick maneuvering on the logistics end.

stats: Three shooters, 8 different L-series lenses, quad-copter, Steadicam Merlin stabilizer…..and a great Bride and Groom.

Jewish Tradition; Modern covenants.

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What a blessing to see the making of a marriage covenant by a couple that takes pride in their family’s heritage.   It has been said that, “marriage launches a couple into a shared abode, held up by the stilts of shared values and ancient traditions.”  Bea and Aaron’s videos showed that they don’t only embrace one another, but so much more!

>Engagement film was shown at their reception.

Vendors going Viral!

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We would like to highlight a local vendor in San Diego. Stephanie Rae is a make-up artist with flair! Her personality and warm demeanor will keep you smiling all day. Take a minute and check out the promo video we made for her company Pink Chique!

Webpage makeover!

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So what do you think?   Our new web design is sleek, modern, and way cooler than before.

And don’t forget to visit the Contact Us page. We want to hear from you!  You can also click on the little hearts to “like” our portfolio selections. (No, it doesn’t mean you are signing up for anything–they really are just little pink hearts.)    If you want to “like” us on Facebook and hear what we are up to, our face-page is:

Anaheim, Ca — Aerial videography to shoot a wedding.

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Okay, so aerial shots elevate any wedding shoot, right?    So I strapped on my pilot’s license and took to the air in Anaheim, CA with our Iris+ by 3DRobotics.       He needed a name–because all team-members need a name.  Ours is C.U.P.I.D.   I think it stands for Camera-Undermounted-Photographer’s-Interactive-Drone (just kidding).   All the young people were positively lovestruck when they saw it!

We decided to keep Cupid’s use to a minimum given the tight venue, but some careful maneuvering around branches and selecting our flight-plan in advance yielded some fun clips to weave into the final product.  If you want to watch the highlight below, Cupid’s work comes in at about 2 minutes.

Promo Reel is rolling

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There’s no better way to get a quick snap-shot of our style than to look at our 2015 promo reel. I would call our style– colorful, playful, and elegant. We are always desirous to nuance our techniques in order to elevate the occasion.

Return of the new Lovestruck Films

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Welcome back to you whom we have not heard from in so long—-and a grandiose ‘HELLO’ to you new-comers!

We are pleased to announce our GRAND REOPENING as a favored wedding cinematography company!–now coming to you from our North San Diego County location!    Kim Freels, most of you know–renowned shooter and video editor-extrodinaire–the original Lovestruck Films Editor.  I am Jeremy Mendenhall–a free-spirited imagination station and business connoisseur. My lovely wife, Laura, known for her artistic eye and impressive social instincts and intuitions about people, has joined with Kim and myself to form the new ownership ‘trio’ now overseeing all current and future Lovestruck Films productions.

We are so excited to implement our brainstorms! With any new Management comes new change…  And we are eager to put on display not only our fashion-forward unique style of filming, but the elevated way we approach building relationships with you brides and grooms.

Check back soon for more updates and some get-to-know-you fun!                                      May 4, 2015

Welcome! Lovestruck Begins

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Welcome to the Lovestruck Films, Where Love Becomes Art.

It’s only appropriate to open our first blog post with a bit of an introduction: we are cinematographers, trend-setters, musicians, comedians, and nerds.  The goal of our films is always centered around storytelling. And what better story to tell than the story of two people in love? Creating art from the candid interactions of our couples is what drives and inspires us. We love what we do, and we want to share that with all of you.  So, take a look at our new site and tell us what you think….hopefully, you’ll be Lovestruck.

Look out for future posts where we will highlight our team-members, our latest projects, and our random mishaps!

September, 2011